Arts & Sciences

artsArts & Sciences within the S.C.A. are defined as any of the crafts, skills, or technologies practiced in the time periods and cultures depicted by members of the S.C.A. Our members practice the many arts, sciences, and pastimes of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, both to broaden our own knowledge, and to enhance the atmosphere at Society events.

Locally we meet every Tuesday evening for open A&S nights which have been set aside for people to bring their projects and join the Canton of Middlegate for an evening of arts and camaraderie. We have plenty of space for whatever you may be working on. These meetups generally run from 6PM to 9PM and we meet at Geeksboro Coffee Shop and Cinema in Greensboro, NC. For more information concerning our Arts and Sciences activities, meeting times and directions please contact our Arts & Sciences Officer or check our Calendar of events.

We also have a monthly Scholar Solar. At the Scholar Solar people come and talk about their research, their work, and use others as a sounding boards concerning the chose topic. These meetings take place at the Common Grounds Coffeeshop, in Greensboro. Refer to our Calendar for the schedule.

Other activities (Check the Calendar):

A&S classes are being offered by members of the Canton of Middlegate and surrounding groups. If you would like to register as a class instructor, or if you would like to request that a specific class be added to our list of classes, please fill out our class request form located to the left of the page under links.

Project nights are A&S nights which have been set aside to work on Canton or Baronial projects, these may be largesse for gift baskets or specific event related endeavors. Contact us or check our calendar for more information on what project we are currently working on.

Period Game and Dance nights have been set aside for interested members to learn how to play various period games or learn to perform various period dances.

At our A&S Socials people can bring their projects to work on, learn and play period games, socialize and enjoy a potluck dinner. Just a fun evening for everyone.