Canton Cyclopedia

Our History

5/78 – The Canton of Hindscroft is founded.

1990 – The Canton of Hindscroft becomes the Shire of Hindscroft.

2004 – The Shire of Hindscroft rejoins the Barony of Sacred Stone as the Canton of Hindscroft.

7/2009 – The Canton of Hindscroft officially changes its branch name to the Canton of Middlegate. The branch device is also changed.

Our Heraldry

The following device associated with this name was registered in April of 2009 (via Atlantia):Or, a portcullis and on a base gules a laurel wreath Or.

Our Ancient Arms

Registerd December, 1980 via East Kingdom.Azure, eight keys in cross parted, addorsed in pairs, all conjoined at the base by links of chain, and the whole environed of a laurel wreath, all Or.

Retained as Ancient Arms in April, 2009.