Minister of Arts & Sciences

a_and_sLady Annice Argent

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About the Office:

The Minister of Arts and Sciences is responsible for supporting the study of art forms, technologies, and those aspects of culture relating to their use, both in period and in local group activities.


Greetings, most noble visitors!

 In a new year, let’s take on new art!  Perhaps you are newly interested in the SCA and its arts, and wonder ‘what types of Medieval art could I do, and how would I begin learning them?’  By asking questions like these you can find fantastic new fields of study.  If you are new to Medieval history, and you are skilled in modern art forms, you may be asking ‘Can my particular skills fit into my experience of the SCA?’  Speaking to research enthusiasts or other artists in your local group may help you find ways to display your art.  You may even find that the techniques you use today are nearly identical to those used in the first known examples of that art.  Maybe you have learned many art forms, and even become well-known for your art.  You can begin a new adventure in the sphere of arts by teaching others.  We can enrich everyone’s experience of art by sharing knowledge.

If there is a skill that you have always wanted to learn, write to me and I am sure we can find someone to teach classes.  You never know how many people around you ‘just happen to know something about that very thing’.  If you have thought that you want to teach your art or share your research, but are nervous about facing the type of huge crowd that attends university, teach local!  Middlegate can provide you with a practice class, and you can perfect your teaching while sharing awesome art and science.

Do great art!