Of the Stone

CantonEvents….of the Stone is the Canton of Middlegates yearly event. Though the themed location of the event changes with each year, the main theme and purpose of the event is to give honor to the Barony of the Sacred Stone through bardic competitions and performances as well as a grand feast with a menu inspired by the culture we ‘visit’.

In the past we have visited:

Chansons de Sacred Stone – France (2009)

Sagas of the Stone – Lands of the Vikings (2010)

Songs of the Stone – England (2011)

Verses of the Stone – Ancient Rome (2012)

Ghuesse of the Stone – Persia (2013)

Gesangs of the Stone – Germany (2014)

Ge of the Stone – China (2015)

Bylina of the Stone – Russia (2016)

Giita of the Stone – India